GT CALENDAR 2011-2012

December 5th-9th GT FIELD TRIP WEEK
December 12th-16 Week 2 of Archeology

January 4th ~ 5th Grade Challenge Release Day/ First Day Back to School (Students stay in class/ I go to District GT Meeting)
January 5th-9th Week 3 of Archeology
January 10th-18th Week 4 of Archeology
January 16th ~ HOLIDAY
January 19th-25th Week 5 of Archeology
Januray 26th-February 1st ~ Week 6 of Archeology
January 31 ~ Challenge Release Day (Third grade students stay in class/ I go to District GT Meeting)

February 2nd-February 8th  Week 7 of Archeology
February 9th-Februrary 15th Week 8 of Archeology
February 16th Early Dismissal/ Half Day of Challenge for 4th Grade
February 17th Student Holiday
February 20th Student Holiday
February 21st-February 27th  Week 9 of Archeology
Februay 28th - March 9th Week 10 of Archeology
March 2012
Mark you calendars!!! ~~~ MARCH 8TH/ GT Archeological Field Trip to the KatyISD Outdoor Learning Center  8:30-11:00am More information coming home soon!
March 12th-March16th SPRING BREAK
March 19th-March 23th Week 1 of Architecture
March 26th-March 30th Week 2 of Architecture

APRIL 2012
April 2nd-April 6th Week 3 of Architecture
April 4th (5th Grade Challenge Release Day/ I go to District Meetings)
April 9th-April 13th Week 4 of Architecture
April 16th-April 20th Week 5 of Architecture
April 23rd-April 27th Week 6 of Architecture
April 30th-May 4th Week 7 of Architecture

MAY 2012
May 7th-May 11th Week 8 of Architecture
May 14th-May 18th Week 9 of Architecture
May 21st-May 25th Week 10 of Architecture LAST WEEK OF CHALLENGE