Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Use a paper towel and brown crayon to write a letter from the past.


 Roanoke Lost Colony. The year is 1586. You are along the coast of the New World (Virginia). You are a child and you are writing a final letter before you leave the colony. You are leaving because a storm (hurricane) is headed towards your colony. Strong winds are already blowing! Hurry and write this!

Jamestown colony. The year is 1607. You are lost in the forest and it is getting dark. You will ask for help and tell your parents your location and what you are eating to survive. Tell them where you are spending the night if you are not rescued. Will Indians help you? Are you worried about wild animals? Write it and attach the letter to your faithful dog. It will try to find its way back to the colony.

Plymouth Colony. The colony is running out of food. You are starving. Send the letter to the friendly Indians nearby. Tell them what you are eating while you wait. Propose that we all get together to have a feast. Happy Thanksgiving!

AFTER YOUR ARE FINISHED: Get the paper wet and cover it with dirt. Dig it up the next day and read it.

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